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A high level coaching


Olympic medalist


3 Olympic medals

Head coach


Olympic finalist

Henri-Pierre DALL'ACQUA

Olympic finalist

Coach FRC


Coach & CrossFit


Rowing coach & CrossFit

Coach FRC

Stéphane DURAND

Coach FRC

Stéphane DURAND

Medalist, champion of France

Coach FRC

Only the best of gliding

Rowing is an Olympic sport since 1896 (creation of the modern Olympics).
Rowing is rowing, simply. It’s move on boat in the water, without constraints using his oars, his heart, his body and his mind. With the French Class Rowing, rowing is a shared sense of freedom …

The 5 key points that make the uniqueness of the sport [/ popover]

  • Pleasure: a unique feeling of gliding
  • Health: work feel every muscle
  • Perfection: all together at the same time
  • Escape: time stops when we train
  • Purity: a sport in harmony with nature
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A high performance sport within the reach of all by an exceptional coaching

An individual personalized support, duplicate with the coach, in groups on boats to several rowers ...
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Relearning the nice gesture of rowing

Improve your stroke ?

An elite coach takes care of you for an occasional course or for a more regular basis, at the desired frequency, the best way to obtain the top rowing gesture, these are the Rowing Lessons

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Full day rowing ?

For a day, for one, two hours or more depending on your desire, a French Rowing Class coach is at the pontoon for the full day. Book and enjoy. It’s The Rowing Days

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Immersion program ?

A total immersion course with intensive training and collective work for rowers who wish to excel and push their limits on the most beautiful French water bodies, choose your Rowing Camp

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Our rowers share their experiences

Member of the ASUL rowing club, Sylvie had a rowing course with Daniel Fauché.

I had the privilege to take an individual rowing session with Dan, double sculling with him aboard the Cobra. Once the « novice stress » evaporated – and despite my 19 years in recreational rowing – [...]

FRCs rowing course seen on the rower’s side – Emmanuel & Christophe testimonies

Row and comment at the same time - interview from the motor boat - to learn all about the rowing training camps seen by the rower side [...]

Five days rowing camp – Stéphane Durand, FRCs coach explains

The coach Stéphane Durand explains his vision of a French Rowing Camp. Make progress without pressure is his best recipe [...]

Pierre, a novice rower, explains his rowing training camp #Mimizan2016 Second edition

Pierre participates at the 2nd edition of #Mimlizan2016, a rowing FRC rowing training camp. Open to all, the novice rower confirms his perfect integration within the rowing team [...]

Two days advanced rowing course in Bellecin (FR -39), a French Rowing WE

Advanced course in rowing, French Rowing Weekend The first French Rowing Weekend will be held on Lake Vouglans the Base Nautique Bellecin Registrations are closed The Bellecin nautical base in pictures [...]

  • Erwan, témoignage de rameur sur son cours individuel d'aviron

Erwan, 4-5 years of recreational rowing

After 4-5 years of leisure rowing, this formula interested me to make a point on my technique and get tips to improve my gesture [...]

They share our passion for rowing and are partners of the French Rowing Class