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The FRC first rowing shell : a Wintech Racing Cobra

The word coach The Cobra is an exceptional boat look fabulous. Fine and elegant, this boat has an animal side that makes you want to try to tame it. The all-carbon option (shell-supporting-oar), is a guarantee of speed and strength, but not only, the Cobra is suitable for all rameries, all styles and all [...]

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Leman Rowing Tour 2015 edition: the unfinished

The 43rd Leman Rowing Tour chronicle Friday, September 25, 19:30. Early traditional weather briefing before the race. And not just any race. We speak here of Lake Geneva. With a large L. The same as XXL. Even more than the capital of our L Lake. That is, the tension among the estimated 90 rowers gathered in [...]

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I will row in Boston at the world’s biggest rowing club!

As a passionate rower, Corinne (Madam President of the FRC, editor’s note) long dreamed of rowing on the Charles River in Boston, well known for the Head of the Charles Regatta that is held every October, the largest 2-day regatta in the world. A dream that came true a few weeks ago.

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The French Rowing Class was on the 43rd edition of the Leman Rowing Tour

At French Rowing Class, we are deeply passionated by rowing. And we do more than just talk about it! To prove our dedication, on Saturday, September 26th, at dawn, Catherine, the secretary of FRC will take the start of the 43rd edition of the Tour du Léman.

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Woman & kiwis rowing staff at Miribel (France)

On September 2nd, 2015, the technical staff of one of the best rowing teams in the world, from New Zealand, was in Miribel to visit the French Elite Training Center in Lyon (Pôle France de Lyon).

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