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All about individual rowing courses supported by high level coaches

Member of the ASUL rowing club, Sylvie had a rowing course with Daniel Fauché.

I had the privilege to take an individual rowing session with Dan, double sculling with him aboard the Cobra. Once the « novice stress » evaporated – and despite my 19 years in recreational rowing – I really started to appreciate the session! Daniel demonstrates real expertise and benevolence, which make you feel comfortable; he really loves [...]

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7 good reasons to take lessons Rowing

1- I am fed up with rowing for rowing! "I want to rediscover the pleasure of gliding across the water in my boat". Whatever age or level, everyone has the right to progress. Your FRC trainers tailor your learning to your needs and offer a new way to tackle rowing. They propose a completely different approach [...]

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Alain D, rower in a leisure rowing club for 5 years

Wonderful rowing lesson at sunrise with Dan.. Ideal conditions on the lake of Miribel, no wind, no waves, perfect conditions to concentrate on technique and make the most of Dan’s advice. I have been rowing recreationally for 5 years and quite seriously for about one year as I have signed up for the 2015 edition [...]

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Marie-Laure, rower beginner, tries the individual rowing course

It’s an incredible privilege to be coached by such a great athlete. Appointment made a couple of weeks earlier. The weather conditions will depend on the sky’s goodwill. 12:20 pm, right on time. No time for negotiation, we leave right away. As we get close to the pontoon, I realize that the weather is just [...]

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Fred M. testimonial rowing course

It has only been 4 years since I have discovered what a wondeful sport rowing can be. I feel very lucky because I practice in a leisure club that provides outstanding professional coaches as well as a coaching volunteer force. So I have rowed a lot, learned a lot and I just love rowing ….. [...]

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A sportily and humanely very enriching session

My impressions of the day (from 6:15 to 7:20 at last!). They still dark black when I arrived at the club, so atmosphere a bit special. A little wind but is quickly dropped, although nothing embarrassing

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