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Ads, feedback and testimonials on the rowing training camps of the French Rowing Class

FRCs rowing course seen on the rower’s side – Emmanuel & Christophe testimonies

Row and comment at the same time - interview from the motor boat - to learn all about the rowing training camps seen by the rower side [...]

Five days rowing camp – Stéphane Durand, FRCs coach explains

The coach Stéphane Durand explains his vision of a French Rowing Camp. Make progress without pressure is his best recipe [...]

Pierre, a novice rower, explains his rowing training camp #Mimizan2016 Second edition

Pierre participates at the 2nd edition of #Mimlizan2016, a rowing FRC rowing training camp. Open to all, the novice rower confirms his perfect integration within the rowing team [...]

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Two days advanced rowing course in Bellecin (FR -39), a French Rowing WE

Advanced course in rowing, French Rowing Weekend The first French Rowing Weekend will be held on Lake Vouglans the Base Nautique Bellecin Registrations are closed The Bellecin nautical base in pictures

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Gerard Le F., a participant of #saintcassien2016 recounts his rowing camp

Charles Imbert was a legend in my eyes, I was able to approach. Daniel Fauché, a reference carrier rare human values. I have been filled.

Taking a look back on our first Rowing Camp: Mimizan 2015

Collecting memories... What is left of our first Rowing Camp? Besides, I hope, a better, more efficient, and even prettier, rowing technique gained at Mimizan 2015, we captured it all in a photo gallery. First, a photo of the Lake of Mimizan, where we rowed so many times. In single, pair, four or eight. Sweep [...]

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Rowing Training Camp testimonies for Mimizan 2015

Attendees talk about the worst and the best moments of #Mimizan2015 My best memory: Our arrival at the Lake of Mimizan (see the first picture) with an oily lake, a shiny sun, an amazingly blue sky and a smile on every rower’s face at our first Rowing Training Camp. My worst memory: Our departure from [...]

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