Rowing Camps testimonies

//Rowing Camps testimonies

Returns and testimonies of rowers rowing training camps. What they say about their experience …

FRCs rowing course seen on the rower’s side – Emmanuel & Christophe testimonies

Row and comment at the same time - interview from the motor boat - to learn all about the rowing training camps seen by the rower side [...]

Five days rowing camp – Stéphane Durand, FRCs coach explains

The coach Stéphane Durand explains his vision of a French Rowing Camp. Make progress without pressure is his best recipe [...]

Pierre, a novice rower, explains his rowing training camp #Mimizan2016 Second edition

Pierre participates at the 2nd edition of #Mimlizan2016, a rowing FRC rowing training camp. Open to all, the novice rower confirms his perfect integration within the rowing team [...]

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Gerard Le F., a participant of #saintcassien2016 recounts his rowing camp

Charles Imbert was a legend in my eyes, I was able to approach. Daniel Fauché, a reference carrier rare human values. I have been filled.

Taking a look back on our first Rowing Camp: Mimizan 2015

Collecting memories... What is left of our first Rowing Camp? Besides, I hope, a better, more efficient, and even prettier, rowing technique gained at Mimizan 2015, we captured it all in a photo gallery. First, a photo of the Lake of Mimizan, where we rowed so many times. In single, pair, four or eight. Sweep [...]

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Rowing Training Camp testimonies for Mimizan 2015

Attendees talk about the worst and the best moments of #Mimizan2015 My best memory: Our arrival at the Lake of Mimizan (see the first picture) with an oily lake, a shiny sun, an amazingly blue sky and a smile on every rower’s face at our first Rowing Training Camp. My worst memory: Our departure from [...]

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