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High-level coaching, rowing with champions

High-level coaching means meeting the expectations of athletes, clubs and national teams. The goal is to attain a precise objective.

The French Rowing Class instructor is a world-class coach. He manages, trains, guides and advises. Moreover, our coaching staff members are at your disposal with their mastery of the discipline and their wealth of experience; whatever your level at the start, they will help you progress.

Just as would be the case with a high-level rower, they will take the time to analyze your motion and propose a series of sessions built around a customized program.

 The coach’s approach

The coach’s approach is simple: observe-analyze-explain-propose-monitor (or verify), and then adapt.

Take advantage of high-level follow-up in which no aspect, whether it be technical, physical, or recovery-related, is ever left to chance.
Apply the advice of coaches who have been Olympic and world championship medalists. Come and row differently, come and discover new sensations, new effectiveness and the highest of high-level coaching.

Familiarize yourself with the key words of rowing champions:  propulsionloosening, amplitude, gliding, effectiveness and discover the pleasure of having your hull humming as you train.

To progress, put yourself in the shoes and the place of a champion. 

The only thing we care about is you ! 

The FRC coaching

The managerial team and high level coaches

Daniel FAUCHEHead Coach at the French Rowing Class
Daniel is 25 world championships, 19 world and European medals, six Olympic Games and three medals. Coach to Olympic Preparation Centre in Lyon (France Pole) for 15 years.
Empathy / Intuition 69%
Proximity / Pedagogy 76%
Listen / Comment 86%
Detachment / Objectivity 90%
Passion for Rowing 100%
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Henri-Pierre Dall'Acqua
Henri-Pierre Dall'AcquaCoach at the French Rowing Class
Former rower for France and world medalist. Currently trainer at Club de Mimizan.
Gervaise Boulanger
Gervaise BoulangerCoach at the French Rowing Class
Champion of France 2013 and 5th at the World Rowing Championships under 23 years in 2013, CrossFit enthusiast since February 2014
Stéphane DURAND
Stéphane DURANDCoach for the French Rowing Class
Former member of the French National Junior Team, several medals in regattas, Stephane results in France, Spain, Argentina, Algeria …

 Try high level coaching: book your coach

For an introduction with a top quality supervision; for a spot focus and renewal on a good foundation,
for regular monitoring in search of the perfect gesture.