Daniel FAUCHE, as « Dan »

//Daniel FAUCHE, as « Dan »
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Daniel Faucher, Olympic rowing coach

A few words about the coach,

  • 36 years rowing;
  • Rower Team in France for 18 years;
  • Team coach of France for 15 years;
  • Coach at the Olympic Preparation Center of Lyon (France Pole) for 15 years.

Daniel in figures

kilometers by rowing
Rowing blows tip and torque
kilometers of track in motor boat
World Rowing Championships
Olympic games including 3 medals
European and world medals
days spent in training with the France team all over the world
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Rowers share their experiences …

Why did you wanted to take a particular course within the FRC?

I practice recreational rowing for 15 years and I have the chance to row in a very dynamic club dedicated exclusively to this type of practice. However, I was curious finger on what could be a framework of “high level”.

To benefit, in a sport that one loves, individual coaching with a world-class coach, himself a former Olympic champion, is a rare opportunity […]

Catherine F, 15 years of rowing club, Read more testimony in the blog
I am a morning person, Daniel also, meeting at 7 am, perfect stretch of water.
In double skull, me in 1. Serious atmosphere, total concentration.
Muscle warming up before exercise, refinement of the regulations, then precise and enlightening indications, numerous small “tricks”.
The hour (and a little more) very very fast pass: secured by the technical and physical solidity of Dan, I work intensely: amplitude, slackening, …

Conclusion: too short! But exhausting, because Dan requirement is total.

A building site opens progress …

Louis T, 55, 20 years of practice leisure (very) intense
My impressions of the day (finally from 6:15 AM till 7:20 AM!) : A sportily and humanely very enriching session

It was still dark when I arrived at the rowing club, so the atmosphere was a little particular. A little wind, but nothing that could put into question the session.

As predicted (I know my weaknesses), I worked on the slackening of my shoulders, and the speed of the intake of water. I have to think of closing angles to win some amplitude. I have to prepare myself to work hard on these points! […]

Mélanie D, rows in rowing club, Read more here

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