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Stéphane DURAND, the « Iberian-like » FRC coach


Member of the national team in the Junior and U23 categories from 1988 to 1993, several times medallist in international regattas and French championships, Stéphane trains in France and in 3 other countries (Spain, Argentina and Algeria). Over the past few years, he has been constantly searching and applying very different rowing approaches…

In rowing, and generally speaking in sport, knowledge transfer is often based on a recurrent and arduous training methodology. However, on some occasions, there is a different solution, a kind of invisible message exchange between motor boat and rowing boat… Such « magic » moments often bring the keys to problems and guide rowers to victory.

In other words, I try to bring a psychological dimension to the rowing practice, by teaching rowers to better know their body and spirit via a rowing boat… It says it all!

Stéphane’s profile in a few key figures…

training session I wish to forget about
victory which occurred as planned
defeats I learnt a lot from
different languages for coaching
exceptional and unforgettable coaches…
years of continuous rowing
bodies of water criss-crossed by boat

« Coaching », « coach », « kocs », « cocher »… Stéphane’s viewpoint

Coaching – meaning « accompanying towards performance » – is in fact based on a form of didactics, on the « pedagogy of success ». « Coach » is an English term, but it comes from the French word « coche », which itself comes from the hungarian word « kocs » meaning « carriage for travellers ». The « cocher » (the carriage driver) is therefore the one who carries the travellers from one point to another. Let’s note that the latter does not choose either his passengers or their destination. He only intervenes to help persons who wish it to reach the goal they have targeted for themselves.

Beyond the technical and physical aspects specifically tied to the rowing activity, the rower is seated on a three-legged stool: muscles, breathing and emotional state. From this basis, but also by taking into account the abilities of each athlete, I build an adequate methodology aiming no only to improve the crew as a whole, but above all to transmit pieces of advice that each rower will be able to keep and reuse individually after the training session.

Coaching for FRC?

FRC sites choice often brings us to exceptional natural landscapes. Such an approach is an extra asset which simply helps each person to get better in her/his ways by rowing, with her/his technical background, motivations and « cultural » richness she/he often does not know well…

… and what about the Rowing Camps? The FRC training sessions?

Vidéo translation

What do you think about the Rowing Camp formula that FRC provides?

According to me, this formula is logical… Because, of course, rowing cannot be restricted to schoolchildren, to Sunday-only recreational rowers, to young competitors and to the French team. It is not possible… France has too many lakes, chanels and rivers to restrict such a great sport to only three or four kinds of audiences.

On a Rowing Camp, are trainees really making progress in 5 days?

Definitely. Progression is visible. The expression « kilometers make champions » is still right today… and will remain right as long as the kilometers will be quality ones… It means, rowers must be monitored. People have to know why the boat is fast… or slow. Why they are efficient… or why they aren’t. Our sport counts so many parameters… And I think, we are here like « conductors » during 4 days… But we cannot interviene permanently. We must not « overload » rowers but give them… reference points… so that they really know where the pleasure comes from… where the pleasure is… in rowing.

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