Erwan, 4-5 years of recreational rowing

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Erwan, 4-5 years of recreational rowing

I knew coaching proposals FRC hearsay in my club.

After 4-5 years of leisure rowing, this formula interested me to make a point on my technique and get tips to improve my gesture and the pleasures of skiing.

The exterior look of “pro” in contact with excellence, seems valuable to progress individually, but also to have a strong technical background as qu’encadrant club face novices.

It is on a placid lake, a beautiful April evening in a relaxed atmosphere but applied, Daniel coached me twice (a top level boat!), With lots of tips and exercises: progressive relaxation, highlighting and working positions or dynamic linkage to correct …

Precious tracks to digest and reworking later … before returning sometime in the next session, to check progress and go further!

Erwan, 4-5 years of recreational rowing
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