Fred M. testimonial rowing course

///Fred M. testimonial rowing course

Fred M. testimonial rowing course

It has only been 4 years since I have discovered what a wondeful sport rowing can be.

I feel very lucky because I practice in a leisure club that provides outstanding professional coaches as well as a coaching volunteer force. So I have rowed a lot, learned a lot and I just love rowing ….. It’s just great.

Then I learned about the FRC. At first, I told myself « It’s not for me », but the idea of taking a private rowing lesson with some of the best French rowers and coaches certainly increased my motivation. And that was a smart move for me who is always trying to improve my technical skills. I was definitely not disappointed. Already 3 lessons with Dan.
I am going to relate my last lesson which will be engraved in my memory.


That lesson started out really well because Dan presented me a brand new scull. The shiny black Cobra. Not much time to gaze upon the beauty of that hull, after a few individual adjustments, we quickly carry the boat to the pontoon.

During the warm up Dans starts explaining the exercises he has planned for that lesson.

Up to that point, everything goes fine. We smoothly row along the line of buoys up to the « end » of our lake. I work on the catch. Dan pays attention to every little detail, he corrects my stroke, repeats (when I don’t get it right away), explains thoroughly every part of the stroke.

The atmosphere is studious, constructive and friendly. The body of water seems juste a litlle wavier. A few drops of rain. Eventhough I am concentrating on my stroke, I sense that the lake is no longer quiet.

Dan stops the boat and tells me « Take a look behind you Fred ». That’s when I turned as white as the lake. The weather conditions had indeed suddenly changed, and we were hit by a real storm in the middle of the lake.

Strong winds and heavy rains hit my unadorned cranium, and waves start filling up our hull. At that point I still think that Dan will stop the lesson…. well, that would have been too easy…. we continued working on my stroke up to the end of my lesson. That was one crazy boat ride.

After this brief freak weather episode, calm returned, and we finished the lesson with a practice racing start followed by some powerful strokes.

Great memories !

Fred M.

Fred M, 4 years in a leisure rowing club
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