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Frequently Ask Questions2016-11-20T18:42:41+00:00

FAQ, for Frequently Ask Questions takes the best answers to the best questions that lands on rowing with the French Rowing Class.

And if you do not find your answer here, please free to ask us!

Why did you take a private lesson with FRC ?2016-02-28T11:54:42+00:00

I’ve been rowing for over 15 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to row in an extremely dynamic club dedicated to rowing. However, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be taught by the best. Benefit from a world class private trainer who’s been an Olympic champion himself, in a sport that I adore is something rare.

In skiing you can have lessons with ex-champions why not have the same thing in rowing 😉

How did the first session go?2016-02-28T11:52:35+00:00

After a 10 minute warm-up on an indoor rower, the boats’ launched (a double), the trainer (Daniel Fauché, Olympic trainer and ex-French national rower) checks the boats’ settings and off we go. There was no messing around. From the very first strokes your moves are analysed and corrected. The lake was glassy, the mood was studious and the advice was concise and adapted to my level.

The goal, was really to rediscover the gliding sensation, apprehending the pull and understanding how to make your moves more efficient.

Is an hour on the water enough?2016-02-28T11:51:30+00:00

I must admit, I was a worried at first. However, once I acknowledged the concentration required for each strike, I soon realised that I wouldn’t have been much good any longer.

A first conclusive session?2016-11-20T18:43:17+00:00

Without a doubt. Getting feedback from an expert who focuses on your rowing stroke, analyses your moves and gives you adapted input is a real privilege which up to now was only destined for the elite. What a shame, as at whatever level (competition or leisure) you can always progress and perfect your skills at any age.

For enthusiastic and passionate rowers, who want to progress and row with grace this is an offer they can’t refuse 😉

Are these lessons suited to all?2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

Of course, Rowing with an ex-champion, used to training monsters can be intimidating at first put this feeling quickly disappears. Ok, you’re in the hands of a professional trainer. He knows what his doing and more importantly knows how to make you feel comfortable, taking into account you’re level whatever it may be.

Above, specific tips, this outing helped me to rediscover rowing and the sensation of pleasure and freedom gliding across the water 😉

‘I don’t want to simply row, I want to rediscover the pleasure of gliding across the water in my boat.’2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

Whatever age or level, everyone has the right to progress. Your RFC trainers tailor your learning to your needs and offer a new way to tackle rowing.

They propose a completely different approach to learning how to row 😉

Is rowing well complicated?2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

No, after a few sessions out on the water with an FRC trainer we’ll give you the keys to progress and discover or re-discover the right technique.

Simple instructions, un-divided attention, you’ll soon feel that you can row like a champion 😉

I’m not making any progress2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

FRC training is based on your feelings and sensations. Our idea isn’t to focus on a single point but rather on your boat, your moves transform naturally so that your boat’s quicker and glides longer across the water. This is a new approach, implemented by our trainers that row alongside you and directly relay their feelings.

It’s a fantastic personal approach, passed on by the FRC team.
There’s no middle man, and it’s adapted to each rower 😉

I often row as part of a team, but everyone is always chatting away and I don’t really make the most and fully enjoy my session.2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

Whether you row as a double, quadruple or eight, the FRC trainer takes care of everything.

He’s the person to guide you and focus on, to ensure a swift progress with your team.

Your learning curve and progress will be amazing 🙂

I hurt myself or am scared of hurting myself rowing2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

RFC Training, means a personal coach that adjusts the boat to your morphology, teaches you the basic moves and ensures that you avoid bad postures. It’s also top quality equipment (boats and rows), tested and fine-tuned before each session, no bad surprises guaranteed!

Upmost, it’s a trainer that rows with you and stabilises the boat. Rowing on a stable boat is good for you back 😉

Private lessons are extortionate2016-11-20T18:43:18+00:00

Not really, the price varies from 40 to 80 euros depending on the chosen formula. A top notch, dedicated coach is available for 1h30 to 2h. You can also order 10 ticket booklets with 1 free session that lowers the session cost.
During private lessons you’re not left alone a single minute, your personal trainer is aware to your every move and feeling 😉