#SaintCassien2016 [video]

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Project Description

The movie of the bests moments of the Rowing Camp Saint-Cassien 2016

The Rowing Camp FRC is more than a training camp in rowing.

Above all, it is a meeting of people who share certain requirements for the practice of this sport, a passion for learning, and beyond rowing, we share much. It is a way of seeing life, a sense of commitment … (Corinne Dorel, president of FRC).

The passion of rowing, they all. Rowers enroll on a course like Saint Cassian to progress. The two goals are to have fun rowing and progress (Daniel Fauché, Head Coach FRC).

I found in Rowing Camp a high-level training program but without the pressure of competition. The atmosphere is more relaxed but the advice remains the same that is recreational rower or rowing competition. This training camp offer rowing proposed FRC is complementary to that of a rowing leisure club. It offers them the possibility of a high-level coaching. It seems important to understand the rowers complementarity of the two practices (Stephanie Merle, France team Paralympics, London 2012, President of Rowing ASUL)

This is a great experience with a very friendly group and coaches who really have the look, which unseal things and explain them well (Philippe Trainee FRC, confirmed rower Club of Versailles)

I am a beginner and know nothing about rowing, I had some trepidation but it puts you at ease very quickly and all the barriers fall. You feel at ease and I have no regrets! (Pierre, Intern FRC, beginner rower)

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