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The concept of « Training Rowing Camp in France» by the French Rowing Class,

The Rowing Camp, an innovative approach of the rowing training camp

For the first time in France and in Europe, the French Rowing Class offers access to quality material, prepared for you by qualified coaches who are used to prepare French elite rowers to national and international competitions.

In addition to private rowing lessons that you can adjust to your general feeling, feedback from your coach and your availability, the FRC offers Rowing Camps for intensive training during 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days.


The Rowing Camps is actually pretty simple: spend 5 days in optimum place to row, place that we know, will bring together the ideal conditions for rowing as was the case in Mimizan with a lake outstanding, and on which we add a quality coaching with a total followed, whether individual or collective.

We welcome people who can row well as people who start. The objective is to advance everyone in a very short time. The Rowing Camp is a new form of rowing training camp for all paddlers who are not in a competitive spirit. The drives are suitable. Between someone who train alone for ten years at a club and the person who train for six months, sessions on the water will not be the same, but the Rowing Camp suits everyone.

Rowing alone is good, one progresses only. But rowing with the other it is also because we learn from others and can also teach others. The Rowing Camp is a mixture of both. What can be achieved in 5 days of rowing camp, unable to have other”

A rowing camp for whom?

The FRC Rowing Camp is intended to all rowers (male and female) who wish to receive quality guidance to improve their level of experience. This purpose involves both personalized technical and physical training.

For an exclusive experience

The FRC commits to provide unforgettable shared moments during the effort thanks to our passionate and qualified coaches. These professionals decided to use their experience as elite trainers to help you improve with rigor in a safe environment.

It’s not just about the sport

Furthermore, moments of relaxation will also be scheduled at our Rowing Camps through initiations to various water sports and local gastronomic experiences. Key words here are sport, conviviality and open-mindedness, all embedded in the FRC staff members’ “DNA”.

Where the champions train

Locations selected for the FRC Rowing Camps are the same that host rowers of the French national team. They are all equipped with everything you need for training, comfort and accomodation. The FRC wants to make sure that you can train efficiently and safely by providing, throughout the entire duration of the camp, a physician and a physiotherapist who are familiar with rowing injuries.

The rowing camp enables an efficient and fast progression
thanks to an intensive and personalized learning.

A customized program

In such invigorating and preserved surroundings, the multidisciplinar staff of FRC offers programs that favor a global approach. They combine sporting activities (morning workout sessions + one to two rowing outings per day), wellness sessions (streching, yoga), fun activities (initiation to bodysurfing, golf and standup paddleboarding), video analysis of rowing sessions and a medical follow-up.

A typical day is composed of

  • a morning workout session (jogging or erg session followed by a stretching session);
  • a balanced breakfast to get through the day;
  • a rowing session (1x, 2x, 2-, 4x or 8+). Several routes will be suggested from our teams from 10 to 15km (1h-1h30);
  • a lunch at the sports center restaurant;
  • a relaxing time-out at the poolside or in your bedroom;
  • a second rowing session (1x, 2x, 2-, 4x or 8+) followed by a stretching session;
  • a snack;
  • an iniation to a fun activity or a stretching session;
  • a dinner at the sports center restaurant, or a barbecue, or a dinner at a local pub;
  • a video analysis session.

To be most effective, these camps last 5 days, during which you will benefit from a personalized assistance. You will be able to feel your progress through the first few sessions. Session by session, your stroke will get more accurate, you will gain efficiency, the glide will get better…

Save the date

The FRC organizes 4 to 6 rowing camps per yer, depending on availibility. Please see below for details about upcoming and past rowing camps.

Past Rowing Camps

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Training Rowing Camp #Mimizan2016

The next training camp of the French Rowing Class will be held in Mimizan from 23 to 27th of April 2016. Caution! Limited places !

Training Rowing Camp at Saint-Cassien

# SaintCassien2016 from 24 to 28 February 2016 at the Nautical Center of St. Cassian, Nice and Monaco. Direction the South!

Share your Rowing Camp experience

Your feedback on your Rowing Camp experience

For every athlete, spending time with other rowers of the same level with the support of highly qualified coaches brings great moments to remember by. At the French Rowing Class, we value feedback we receive from those who attended our rowing camps, talented rowers who dove into an elite environment for a couple of days. The best comments, in terms of quality or originality, will be selected and posted on the Testimonial page as well as on the coach’s page.

Thank you for taking a moment to send us your feedback

Feedback on previous camps

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