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Sightseeing tours for rowing and discovering

You are a passionate rower and also a curious traveler…

ramer-a-lyon_1000x750You have been striving to master the rowing stroke for years, searching for the perfect glide on outdoor waters.

The sense of fulfilment you are striving for is part of a global interest in harmony and beauty in other areas : scenic landmarks, cultural and exceptional sites.

FRC Tourism has conceived a program designed to accomodate your interest in both technical improvement in your favorite sport, coached by the best French trainers, Olympic medalists and national coaches as well as in the discovery of French cultural highlights.

We offer small groups of rowers (8 to 20) trips that last from a few days to a week, with daily rowing sessions.

Local rowing clubs will warmly welcome our group, you will enjoy the unique experience of high performance training : warmups, rigging, sculling or sweep rowing, video debriefing, all in a stimulating, challenging as well as friendly atmosphere. The FRC will provide top quality shells : from the single scull to the Eight, as well as coxed fours designed for recreational rowing tours. Moreover, a sports physician and a physiotherapist are part of our team.

Discover the most beautiful places in France

These high-level meetings will be coupled with an original and sensitive discover the most beautiful sites in France. You will have the privilege of rowing on the Saône and the Rhône, admiring the most beautiful areas of Lyon, to navigate the waters of the Blue Lake, the water rowers Pôle France, within 10 km.

Beaujolais, Cotes du Rhone and their cellars are also nearby …

In the Southwest, the most beautiful bodies of water are all excuses to radiate and discover the Landes, Périgord, Quercy, the Dordogne: landscapes, towns, heritage and gastronomic treasures.

Everywhere FRC Rowing Tourism has selected hotels or charming guest rooms, calm and comfortable; ideal to recover fully between sessions!

For non rowers participants, various activities are offered during the sessions Rowing: Sport discovery, heritage, tastings, shopping …

The FRC can of course organize your request customized stays for groups consisting of at least 5 people, all over France. Rowing and traveling, just …


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