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Les joyeux rameurs de la French Rowing Class

You enjoyed your last Rowing Camp?

Your particular rowing lesson?

Your output tourism?

You want this adventure to continue?

Feel free to support the French Rowing Class!


To benefit from the activities and services offered by the French Rowing Class, namely:

But also : 

  • To contribute and participate in the development of teaching and practice of rowing at the highest level;
  • To promote innovation in all areas related to rowing;
  • To join a community of enthusiasts led by an associative office listening that will strive to achieve the unifying, festive and innovative projects by its members.
  • Pour augmenter l’audience de ce sport auprès du grand public comme des acteurs politiques et économiques ;
  • To integrate our “think tank” and constitute a force, a community that initiates projects and participates in the development of all the rowing industry: the rowers and paddlers of all levels, their coaches and official bodies; but also manufacturers and importers of boats, shovels, ergometers, trailers; OEMs; organizers of events related to the rowing …

To show your solidarity and to allow us to continue to pay our operating expenses and therefore to exist!

This membership is open to any natural or legal person

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