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FRCs rowing course seen on the rower’s side – Emmanuel & Christophe testimonies

Row and comment at the same time - interview from the motor boat - to learn all about the rowing training camps seen by the rower side [...]

Five days rowing camp – Stéphane Durand, FRCs coach explains

The coach Stéphane Durand explains his vision of a French Rowing Camp. Make progress without pressure is his best recipe [...]

Pierre, a novice rower, explains his rowing training camp #Mimizan2016 Second edition

Pierre participates at the 2nd edition of #Mimlizan2016, a rowing FRC rowing training camp. Open to all, the novice rower confirms his perfect integration within the rowing team [...]

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Fred M. testimonial rowing course

It has only been 4 years since I have discovered what a wondeful sport rowing can be. I feel very lucky because I practice in a leisure club that provides outstanding professional coaches as well as a coaching volunteer force. So I have rowed a lot, learned a lot and I just love rowing ….. [...]

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