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Take a rowing lesson with the French Rowing Class

How would you like to glide on the water in harmony with the rising sun? How would you like to row with competition equipment and discover new sensations?

And supposing you had at your disposal, for you alone, an Olympic coach who would be 100% available and attentive to your every need?

Rowing lessons with coaches of the French national team will provide you with a rare opportunity to discover or rediscover the pleasures of  gliding.

You have got to take a rowing course! 

Keeping you company in a racing boat, either double or coxless pair – or else by your side in a motor boat -, FRC coaches will provide you with the keys to the smoothest gestures, and allow you to discover the purest sensations.

The specificity of our recreational coaching :

Customized rowing courses with a personal coach by your side all the time is a new and innovative concept. Our pedagogy, which is based on what and how you feel, represents a break with academic methods. Our novel approach will allow you to progress, as you discover that you can have your hull humming on the water.

Just like a rowing champion, fine tune your rowing motions with high-level coaches.

Which public ? Any and all publics, you have previously rowed; whatever your age or your physical condition, you are eligible to participate.

Where and when? All year long, mainly on the blue-water Lake of the Parc de Miribel-Jonage , but our coaches* will go to wherever you usually practice.

* in the Lyon region and with the agreement of your club

French Rowing Lessons  rates (2016)


30a session for a rower
  • 30′ private single skull lesson (1x)

    30′ private lesson in duplicate on double skull (2x) or coxless pairs (2-)

    45′ group lesson on double skull (2x) or coxless pairs (2-)

    1h group lesson in quad scull (4x)

    1h 30 group lesson in octuple skull (8x) or eight (8+)


50the session *
  • One hour welcome offer

    * Individual coaching in double, on the tandem principle: the coach train with the person.
    First meeting, exchange and sharing experiences, analysis, personnal rating.

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in return, the coaches validate with you their availability; set your online session (by one or other of the above-store solutions)

And once your decision lesson, remember to tell us about your experience, leave us a comment!

… meet you at the dock!

Share your rowing experience

Please comment your individual or group lesson,

For those who practice a sport, sharing with a champion is always a strong and rare moment. But in addition, when the coach is fully dedicated to you! For the French Rowing Class, it is essential to gather the feelings of its participants. You who have made the leap, which have agreed to put yourself in the hands of such a coach, share your feelings and let us enjoy this new experience. The best comments on either quality or originality will be selected and published in the blog section of testimonials and more appear on the page of the coach himself.

Thank you for taking the time of those few lines,

If you need anymore to convince yourself, please read below:

Alain D, rower in a leisure rowing club for 5 years

Sunday 21 February 2016|0 Comments

Wonderful rowing lesson at sunrise with Dan.. Ideal conditions on the lake of Miribel, no wind, no waves, perfect conditions to concentrate on technique and make the most of Dan’s advice. I have been rowing [...]