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A new offer, a unique positioning

Positioning and well structured, the rowing range remains nevertheless bit diversified. Thus, the target Master, leisure and Veterans, large, dynamic and demanding does, to date, of any specific product. To fill this gap, the French Rowing Class imagined a new approach of quality, with this application.

Segmentation of the rowing offer:

In France, we have 414 clubs affiliated to the French Rowing Federation, offering the practice of rowing to two categories of rowers: “competitors” and “leisure-veterans”.

In addition to these clubs, the France also has 16 poles France and hope (competition training centres), which constitute the sector high level of FFA and whose purpose is to prepare the rowers and rowers of the France teams international championships.  The framing of the rowers in Pole is overseen by professional coaches, often members of the team of national coaches and high-performance boats and equipment.


Although it is quality, leisure-veterans sections offer does not propose a frame in number and in quality, equivalent to that of the sector high level for lack of material and human means.

As it has not offers for those who want to go further than the entertainment section, this generates expectations that are visible in the investigation of FFA in 2011 on the women rowing practice: 82% of surveyed had expectations on the sensations of gliding and 52% of them did not wish to practice rowing in competition.

Indeed, paddlers and rowers lovers, seeking to improve the practice of their passion, do therefore not have access to a framework of high level, now reserved for the competition. These rowers, also known as ‘Masters’, are those for which the FRC association works.

Positioning the FRC:

Our goal is to fill this gap to meet the expectations and needs of all rowers who want to progress. The positioning of the FRC, with personalized courses, high level coaches, ultra hardware performance (such as the double WinTech Cobra) and rowing camps on the model of what already exists in the United States and in other sports (skiing, climbing, etc), is therefore unique and innovative.